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Nov 04, 2014
Ron Williams
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Welcome to Our Club Chartered April 23rd 1968

Mid Jersey Cape

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Wildwood Golf Country Club
1170 Golf Club Road
Cape May Court House, NJ  08210
United States
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Three Big Holidays R U Ready

Halloween is rapidly approaching R U Ready?
Than in 27 Days it will be Thanksgiving
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But First
Beyond a Hot Lunch - Empowering Through Education
Nov 20; Did You Sign Up?

Rotary Days brochure
Name    Address    District    County    City    Current Sponsor    Previous Sponsor
Avalon Elem    235 32Nd Street    Avalon    Cape May    Avalon    Rotary Club of Mid Jersey Cape    -
Cape May City Elem    921 Lafayette St    Cape May City    Cape May    Cape May    -    -
Cape May Co Tech H S    188 Crest Haven Rd    Cape May County Vocationa    Cape May    Cape May Court House    -    -
Cape May County High Sch    148 Crest Haven Road    Cape May County Special S    Cape May    Cape May Court House    -    -
Cape May Regional Sch    131 Crest Haven Rd    Office Of Education Department Of Children And Families    Cape May    Cape May Court House    -    -
Carl T Mitnick Sch    905 Seashore Road    Lower Township    Cape May    Cape May    -    -
Crest Memorial    9100 Pacific Ave    Wildwood Crest    Cape May    Wildwood Crest    -    -
Dennis Twp Elem/mid Sch    165 Academy Road    Dennis Township    Cape May    Dennisville    Rotary Club of Mid Jersey Cape    -
Dennis Twp Primary Sch    165 Academy Road    Dennis Township    Cape May    Dennisville    -    -
Glenwood Ave Elem    Glenwood & New York Ave    Wildwood City    Cape May    Wildwood    -    -
Intermediate    19Th & Bay Ave    Ocean City    Cape May    Ocean City    -    -
Lower Cape May Reg High    687 Rt 9    Lower Cape May Regional    Cape May    Cape May    -    -
Margaret Mace Elem    1201 Atlantic Ave    North Wildwood City    Cape May    North Wildwood    -    -
Maud Abrams Sch    714 Town Bank Rd    Lower Township    Cape May    Cape May    -    -
Memorial Sch    2600 Bayshore Rd    Lower Township    Cape May    Villas    -    -
Middle Twp Elem 1    215 Eldredge Road    Middle Township    Cape May    Cape May Court House    -    -
Middle Twp Elem 2    101 West Pacific Ave    Middle Township    Cape May    Cape May Court House    Rotary Club of Mid Jersey Cape    -
Middle Twp Elem No 4    300 E Pacific Ave    Middle Township    Cape May    Cape May Court House    -    -
Middle Twp High    300 East Atlantic Avenue    Middle Township    Cape May    Cape May Court House    -    -
Ocean Academy    148 Crest Haven Road    Cape May County Special S    Cape May    Cape May Court House    -    -
Ocean City High    501 Atlantic Avenue    Ocean City    Cape May    Ocean City    -    -
Primary    550 West Avenue    Ocean City    Cape May    Ocean City    -    -
Richard M Teitelman Sch    687 Rt 9    Lower Cape May Regional    Cape May    Cape May    -    -
Sandman Consolidated    838 Seashore Rd    Lower Township    Cape May    Cape May    -    -
Sea Isle Elem    4501 Park Avenue    Sea Isle City    Cape May    Sea Isle City    -    -
Stone Harbor Elem    275 93Rd St    Stone Harbor    Cape May    Stone Harbor    Rotary Club of Mid Jersey Cape    -
Upper Township Elem    50 Tuckahoe Rd    Upper Township    Cape May    Marmora    -    -
Upper Tw Primary Sch    130 Old Tuckahoe Rd    Upper Township    Cape May    Marmora    -    -
Upper Twp Middle Sch    525 Perry Rd    Upper Township    Cape May    Petersburg    -    -
West Cape May Elem    301 Moore St    West Cape May    Cape May    West Cape May    -    -
Wildwood High    4300 Pacific Ave    Wildwood City    Cape May    Wildwood    -    -
Wildwood Middle Sch    4300 Pacific Ave    Wildwood City    Cape May    Wildwood    -    -
Woodbine Devel Ctr    Dehirsch Ave    Office Of Education Department Of Children And Families    Cape May    Woodbine    -    -
Woodbine Elem    801 Webster Ave    Woodbine    Cape May    Woodbine    -    -


Energy Efficiency


The Energy Supply Chain

Much of the energy content of the available energy sources is wasted by inefficiencies the energy conversion and distribution processes. Considering domestic electric lighting as a typical example, less than 1% of the energy consumed to provide the electricity is ultimately converted into light energy. The other 99% is wasted in the supply chain. Using conventional fossil fuelled generating plant, losses accumulate as follows:

  • 10% of the energy content of the fuel is lost in combustion and only 90% of the calorific content is transferred to the steam.
  • The steam turbine efficiency in converting the energy content of the steam into mechanical energy is limited to about 40%. (Carnot's Efficiency Law)
  • The rotary electrical generator is very efficient by comparison.The conversion efficiency of a large machine can be as high as 98% or 99%.
  • Transmission of the electrical energy over the distribution grid between the power station and the consumer results in a distribution loss of 10% mainly due to the resistance of the electrical cables.
  • Further energy is lost due to the energy conversion efficiency of the end user's appliance. Incandescent lighting is particularly inefficient converting only 2% of the electrical energy into light.

The losses are considered in more detail below.


Generating Efficiency

Electric power plant efficiency η is defined as the ratio between the useful electricity output from the generating unit, in a specific time, and the energy value of the energy source supplied to the unit in the same time period.


For electricity generation based on steam turbines 65% of all prime energy is wasted as heat.

The maximum theoretical energy efficiency is defined in more detail by the Rankine cycle. For modern practical systems this is about 40% but less for older generating plant.


The efficiency falls still further if fuels with lower energy content such as biomass are used to supply the plant.


Efficiency Comparisons

The table below shows the theoretical efficiency of converting various energy sources by a variety of methods into useful electrical energy.



On July 1, 2014, the Mid Jersey Cape Rotary Club held its installation of new officers at the Wildwood Golf and Country Club. Pictured from left to right are: Ron Williams-Secretary, Crys Papperman-Treasurer, Francey Burke-New Generations Director, Pearline Ross-President, Divij Dave-Vice President and Nancy Pearson-Outgoing President. (Not in photo, Rachell Diaz- Public Relations Chair)

The Mid Jersey Cape Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at 12:15 p.m. at the Wildwood Golf & Country Club, located at 1170 Golf Club Road, Cape May Court House. Prospective members and guests are encouraged to attend. Let Rotary help you make a difference and be a part of the experience of “Service Above Self."


Mid Jersey Cape was one of 5 Clubs in District 7640 to receive the;
2013-14 Rotary Club Central Award
for setting strategic goals to Engage Rotary,
Change Lives, this year and in years to come.

Thank you for recognizing me as Student of the Month.  My name is Emma Carlson and I am a freshman at Middle Township High School.  I am an honors student, and I am a member of clubs such as Red Cross Club, Key Club, Interact Club, Student Council, Science League, and Math League.  I am the president of the class of 2017.  I participated in soccer, swim, and track for Middle Township High School.  Outside of school, I play on a travel soccer team with Cape Express Soccer Club, and I am also a part of a vocal studio at Fox Vocal Arts in Ocean City.
This year, I have tried to help out in our community as much as possible. Through school clubs, I have been able to take part in various volunteer events.  With Red Cross Club, I went to a farm near Atlantic City where I helped harvest produce for a homeless shelter.  Also, we visited the Middle Township Elementary #1 School and taught the preschoolers how to properly wash their hands.  Key Club also hosts 'Caring for Kids' dinners at our High School where we offer a meal as well as financial advice to local families in need.  Student Council just finished with Relay for Life: an event to raise money for cancer.  I was captain of my team, and we were able to help the cause.  In addition, the organizations that I am part of outside of school help out the community as well.  On Monday nights, Cape Express holds a "soccer night" for kids too young for the program, and I volunteer my time as "Coach Emma".  I assist the coaches and help the individual kids with their soccer skills.  With my vocal studio, I went to an Ocean City church and sang for the Blind Society.  We performed individual pieces and also a group selection.  As another community service, in the fall I collected unopened food items from my family's campground and donated them to the local food bank.  This summer, I hope to expand this program to other campgrounds.  Overall, I have tried to be actively involved in my community hoping to make a difference.  Thank you again.

Forty Six years ago 28 local community members formed Mid Jersey Cape Rotary Club [now know as Rotary Club of Mid Jersey Cape].  Our sponsoring club was Rotary Club of Wildwood

Below information copied from History of District 764 [now 7640] Mid-Jersey Cape, NJ Chapter 47

1968-69 Edward Carter
1969-70 Joseph W. Rixey, Jr.
1970-72 Charles J. Mears
1972-73 Pete Rocap
1973-74 Mace Ballentine
1974-75 Richard Tozer
1975-76 Warren Hall
1976-77 Shah M. Chaudrey
1977-78 Clarence Battersby
1978-79 James Laudenslagher
1979-80 Ernest F. Ross, Jr.
1980-81 Charles J. Mears
1981-82 Ronald Williams
1982-83 Vernon Graham
1983-84 Jay Helms
1984-85 Edward Morrison
1985-86 James Saad
1986-87 David Burke
1987-88 James Pickering
1988-89 David Williams
1989-90 Edward Foster
1997-1998 your help is need to complete this list
2000-2001 Fred Houston
2001-2002 Ronnie Town
2009-2010 Tammy Allison
2010-2011 Francey Burke
2011-2012 Francey Burke
2012-2013 Francey Burke
2013-2014 Nancy Pearson

Chartered April 25, 1968 Meets: Sponsored By Wildwood Meeting Tuesdays at 12:15 pm at Wildwood Country Club, Golf Club Rd, Cape May Ct, House, NJ 08210
75th Anniversary History of District 764 Mid-Jersey Cape, NJ Chapter 47 313

You Name it, Mid-Jersey Cape Club Has Supported the Cause Through its relatively brief 22-year history, the Mid-Jersey Cape Rotary has established itself firmly in its community and in its district as a project-oriented service organization. As examples, the club has sold fruit cakes and placemats; raffled everything from baskets of cheer to cars, boats and R.V. trailers; sponsored magic shows and dinners; and supplied manpower for snow cone and ice cream booths, cake sales and flea markets. No project has been too obscure, none too immense. Mid-Jersey Cape was sponsored by its neighboring Wildwood Rotary Club, one of the oldest in District 764. Among the primary forces in the establishment of Mid-Jersey Cape were Ed Smith, Wildwood president at the time, and Dr. Carl Records of another close-by Rotary in Cape May. When it was chartered April 25, 1968 with Edward Carter installed as president, the club had 28 members. Among them was the eternally-reliable Charles J. Mears, who served back-to-back terms as president in 1970-71 and 1971-72, returned to serve a third term in 1980-81, and who is the club's only remaining charter member. Mid-Jersey Cape has had a high membership tally of 34, and has had as few as eight. But in recent years its  recruitment efforts have been highly successful as the roster rebuilds toward the 30 plateau. Mid-Jersey Cape's most challenging and most successful project through the years has been its 20-20 club which was initiated 13 years ago. Each year the club prints 500 tickets, sells them for $25 each, and then places the ticket stubs in a drum. Three numbers are drawn on a weekly basis throughout a 20-week period. The first number pulled wins $25, the second $15, and the third $10. The event culminates with a gala buffet dinner, band, and dancing from 7 to 11 when the 20-20 reaches its 20th week. Members donate door prizes for the dinner attendees, and the five final cash prizes are drawn. Four of the prizes are for $50 each, and the grand prize is $1,000.  The 20-20 project helps the club in a variety of important ways. For one thing, it promotes good will and fellowship among club members. Part of that espirit de corps is a race to determine which member can sell the highest number of tickets, and who can be responsible for the most winners. It's an event that helps give the club a significant amount of community recognition throughout the area. When the Mid-Jersey Cape Rotarians sell tickets to their friends and associates, they have an opportunity to talk about their club, and its many activities, in a positive light. And, perhaps most importantly, the project has enabled the club to award three $1,000 scholarships on an annual basis to area high school seniors for use at the colleges of their choice. The scholarships represent only part of the considerable good Mid-Jersey Cape has accomplished for its community through its first quarter-century. The, club has raised the impressive sum of $65,000 for area charities and for scholarship purposes. As just part of its long-standing commitment to serve the youth of the area, it has been the sponsor of a Little League baseball team. Each year the club provides three $100 food gift certificates to three needy families. But Mid-Jersey Cape's list of community activities seems endless. Among them have been contributions to the local hospital, to 4-1-I, to the volunteer fire department and first aid squad, to the county zoo, and many others.  Also, its heartwarming efforts to provide medical care to individuals who have needed dialysis, bone marrow transplants, leg braces, and a wide range of other assistance is well known throughout the community it serves.

See article in the March issue of the Rotarian about the growth of grassroots libraries, well in four to six weeks MJC Rotary will be in the lending library business.  We will need a location to install this and several others that are being made.

Please Note Speaker Assignments Have Changed

If you are the Program Chair please have your speaker information posted six [6] weeks before your month.  Why? This will allow us to have the information posted in local newspapers. 
Speaker assignments have be assigned thru the end of July 2014, since our membership has expanded you will only be responsible for two [2] to three [3] speakers per year.



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